Updated 16th July 2017.


Hello and welcome to our site. Saddleview forms half of a large red sandstone property built in 1900 on the shores of Loch Long, on the Clyde Eastury in the West Coast of Scotland. Saddleview has fabulous views over the loch and is set in a small hamlet known as Portincaple. Portincaple´s position is unique, set within a natural wooded area on the eastern shore of Loch Long opposite the enterance to Loch Goil. It is only 1 hours drive away (33 miles) away from the 3rd largest shopping area in Britain, "Glasgow", and is only 50 minutes drive from Glasgow International Airport, and as it is just outside the residential belt you can visit and enjoy the big city with its shops, cinemas, theatres, restaurants and bars when it suites you, and return to Portincaple and enjoy the more sedate pace here with its access to Argyll and the west coast. Portincaple is only 1 hours drive away from Stirling and 2 hours drive away from Scotlands capital, Edinburgh.